So it’s the day after our graduation and not even 30 minutes ago we found out that all 13 of us passed our Certification exam! So as of now we are all Certified Surgical Technologists! We had a great Graduation last night and a friend of ours took lots of pictures. He’s an amazing photographer, everyone needs to go see his work here JBarnerPhotography . He did an amazing job! Also go here thispinaysaidwhat. She does reviews and tutorials on beauty products and is amazing at make up! She is also one of my best friends who I’ve went through this program we just graduated from!

Day 16


Dreaming big with this one haha. I actually never really liked the Playstations at all. Always been a Nintendo, Xbox, Dreamcast kind of person. I just recently wanted one of these because I do realize that are some games fro the PS3 that I can’t find for the 360 or the Wii and also the Blu ray player is a plus.

My gift idea for someone else

 Smallville season 9 and season 10 

The person I want to get this for has seen all the season of course besides season 9 and 10. She always loved Superman so this show instantly interested her and she fell in love. She’s also never been the one to go out and buy the seasons, so this would be a perfect gift for her.


About tootiifruitii

My name is Kimberly. I am 24 years old and recently graduated from a Surgical Technologist program. I currently work two jobs, one as a Certified Surgical Technologist at Eye Surgery Center and the other as a hostess at seafood restaurant out on the beach. I have a boyfriend that I've been with for 7 years. His name is Cory and I'm pretty positive you'll see me mentioning him a lot on my blogs along with my 5 pets. The purpose of my blogs are just mainly just to entertain.

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