I’m off to go watch Phantom of the Opera with my tia (aunt) so while we’re in the train, I figured I would do my post since I probably won’t get another chance to do so.

Day 21

Mario pipe mug

I love this and I don’t have too many mugs so this would a great addition 😉 I’ve seen a lot of pictures of people using this a pot for a plant, which is a pretty cool idea too since you know a Piranha plant comes out of these. Personally I would use it for my tea or hot chocolate! *Not a coffee drinker

My gift idea for someone else

Betsey Johnson bulldog earrings

My little cousin actually has a dog that looks exactly like these earrings but it isn’t a bulldog haha. Since she loves earrings just as much as I do and she did see these and hint to me that she wanted them, I figured these would be an easy gift for her, thanks to her for pointing it out 😉 love my little cousins.


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