I’ve been deep conditioning my hair now and I’ve been using Organix’s Awapuhi Ginger repairing recovery mask. I love the way it smells and my hair seems to feel a little better and probably likes me a tad bit better too. So this past week has been very busy and now it probably go back to our regular routine. The other day while I working a hobo fight broke out in our parking lot. Some homeless lady was beating the crap out of this homeless guy with a stick. Boss and a couple of our bus boys went out to stop it after calling the cops. Crazy. Didn’t get to see it since I was the only one in charge in the front. Apparently when asked by the cops why he was getting beat up was because they stole his white hat? Again, crazy. In this area where I work I’ve really never expected to see so many homeless people. Besides work, we’ve been trying to go out a little bit more so we went to go see The Hunger Games tonight 🙂 I’ve already read the 1st book and just started on the 2nd. Just got to say Peeta is definitely my favorite character. At home we’ve started to watch the Alien movie collection. When we started the 1st one the other night I seriously had a hard time remembering it and ended up remembering bits and pieces. Probably in the next couple of nights we’ll watch the 2nd one, Aliens. My favorite out of all them. Now for a late night cookie. Then gym early in the morning…

Oh and also if you are watching a movie and if there are plenty of other seats around DO NOT sit next to someone else you don’t know and chit chat about the book during the movie. Some old douche bag was telling his wife about the book during the scenes the whole time. Usually I do the “DO YOU MIND?!” bit but instead as we were walking out the theater they were in front of us walking extremely slow (another pet peeve I hate slow walkers) the old douche was in front of me and I kicked him and he tripped and I felt good. Yes I’m a kicker. Yes that was probably mean but with my temper now I’ve could of caused a whole different scenario.


About tootiifruitii

My name is Kimberly. I am 24 years old and recently graduated from a Surgical Technologist program. I currently work two jobs, one as a Certified Surgical Technologist at Eye Surgery Center and the other as a hostess at seafood restaurant out on the beach. I have a boyfriend that I've been with for 7 years. His name is Cory and I'm pretty positive you'll see me mentioning him a lot on my blogs along with my 5 pets. The purpose of my blogs are just mainly just to entertain.

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