This weekend has been crazy and we’ve been slammed these past few days with out of towners down here for the Memorial day weekend. Love it when it’s busy but not when we have another hostess who wants to take 5 mins to do anything. Being a hostess is not a hard job especially when there is 4 more of us there. We also had a part of 11 come in, a bunch of older couples and two younger girls probably in there 20s. One of the girls asked their server if she could have a cup that wasn’t clear and the server says sure that we have to go cups and if she would like her drink to go in there instead. The girl said no and that she just wants an empty to go cup so the server comes back and gives her the cup and the girl tells her thank you and then proceeds to tell her that she is bulimic. Through out the whole night this girl would throw up in her to go cup. I didn’t realize till later that her family that she was with was at another bigger table while these two girls were put to the side in another smaller table. This girl just kept puking and puking in her cup and of course since it was a busy night there were other people around. After they left one of the bussers came up to the hostess stand and looked like they were about to pass out and told me that she just left her puke to go cup there open. -_- Ok nothing against anyone who is bulimic but going to a restaurant, surrounded by other customers who would love to enjoy their food without hearing or seeing anyone make themselves throw up in a cup at the table is a little out there. Bathroom was just a few feet away. Busy night #2 around 9pm a couple in cowboy attire comes in with their two small daughters. The mother was completely trashed holding her little twin girls’ hands and decided she wanted to argue with one of the hostess and throughout that night she decided to argue some more with other customers and her waiter. Again, really? It’s just the start of the season so I’m pretty sure there will be a whole lot more to tell.



About tootiifruitii

My name is Kimberly. I am 24 years old and recently graduated from a Surgical Technologist program. I currently work two jobs, one as a Certified Surgical Technologist at Eye Surgery Center and the other as a hostess at seafood restaurant out on the beach. I have a boyfriend that I've been with for 7 years. His name is Cory and I'm pretty positive you'll see me mentioning him a lot on my blogs along with my 5 pets. The purpose of my blogs are just mainly just to entertain.

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