Cory and I had a day off together yesterday. So we decided to get his haircut and new clothes. We had a get together/ bday bash at one of my co-worker’s place and it was for my boss’ son’s bday who I also work with. Since Cory is friends with all them as well it was a blast. Buy before we went to the party, I wanted a candy apple bad! Never found one but got a caramel covered with nuts apple 🙂

And Cory was craving a root beer float so we went to the Kilwin’s out in the beach and got one for him.

Eck, I personally don’t like the taste of root beer but I do like the smell of it. Which is why we bought two little candles of Rootbeer Float from Bath and Bodyworks too. Fun and eventful day 🙂 and it now marks exactly 2 weeks till Cory, the guys, and I leave for Tampa!
Oh yea, question.
Does anyone here does or know anyone who holds hands like this? Cory and I’ve been holding hands like this for years because after hours of trying out different “holding hands” ways we thought this was more comfortable 🙂



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