So we’re trying to decide whether to get rid of our kitty scratching tower post or not. Mainly because they really do not play in or on it unless we move the kitty post to another location every 3 days -_-. The only one who will randomly play on it will be Loki. BUT we are getting something new for them once we get settled in Orlando. They’re called CattyStacks. Basically very hard cardboard boxes that already has a perforated hole pattern in different sizes, that way you can punch it out to what size hole you want for the kitties. They come in all kinds of colors and I heard these are amazing. I think my 3 cats will enjoy this new toy 🙂 hopefully…



About tootiifruitii

My name is Kimberly. I am 24 years old and recently graduated from a Surgical Technologist program. I currently work two jobs, one as a Certified Surgical Technologist at Eye Surgery Center and the other as a hostess at seafood restaurant out on the beach. I have a boyfriend that I've been with for 7 years. His name is Cory and I'm pretty positive you'll see me mentioning him a lot on my blogs along with my 5 pets. The purpose of my blogs are just mainly just to entertain.

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