Haven’t painted my nails in awhile… So I went all out! ❤ me some Shinigami


Actually finally in Orlando. Been a busy week but we finally managed to pack up, drive, and unpack the whole truck thanks to amazing family and friends. Our besties are here with us and decided to go to this place called Frank N Burger. Delicious! Then we went to a couple of thrift shops and went to a place called King Donut. Delicious! Then we went walking at a park and basically took a mini hiking trail trip. Ahh I wish I can actually go hiking. Had so much fun doing it last December. But we found a lot of lime trees there and grabbed a couple…a few. Tomorrow night is Halloween Horror Night! Can not wait!







Oh! Also went to eat dinner of course at a local italian restaurant. Had Italian Wedding soup and a cheese pasta dish that I can’t really remember the name of right now. Anyways enjoy!

Breathe, keep breathing…

So these past few days we’ve taken a break on packing… mainly because we ran out of tape and we had other errands to do. So with all this free time I’ve been watching over poor Chopper who had surgery Friday afternoon. He is recovering nicely and it is as if he never had the surgery. Just a baby incision was made and possibly the most, 3 stitches (absorbable). I’ve also been listening to a lot spotify. The usual Beegees, Rolling Stones, B-52s, and of course Radiohead. Not too many know this about me, possibly just 2 of them and 1 being Cory and the other is still questionable only because he forgets…a lot. Hahah. But my absolute favorite band since I was very very young is and always will be Radiohead. I’m not too good, actually I suck at knowing the lyrics for any song because I mainly like a song based of its beat. BUT when it comes to Radiohead, I will sing my little heart out to any Radiohead song…in my car of course. I’ve been doing good with some Red Hot Chili Pepper too! Thanks to Cory since that’s his band and he constantly always sings to the songs (which I LOVE) I’ve been doing good at knowing the lyrics. Haha probably sounds odd to a lot of people but oh well. Anyway here are my two top favorite songs. OH! Speaking of music, my forgetful friend I spoke of earlier will be making a blog here soon hopefully and he will be reviewing on different cds, different genre of music, etc. I’ll keep everyone posted once he decides to make the blog!

and number 2, possibly not the most upbeat song BUT it’s one of my favorites

Ipsy/ Myglam October

I got my Ipsy/Myglam bag in early! So happy because I was worried it wasn’t going to come in time before the move. This is probably one of the best bags I’ve received yet! Came with 5 items from brands that I don’t own yet. The Balm, Mirenesse, Be a….Bombshell, Couture Colour, and Coastal Scents.



Coastal Scents eyeshadows set 5 in the color Vibrant Red, Frosty Taupe, Vanilla Sky, and Raisin Berry.


Be a….Bombshell eye liner in the color Onyx.

Pequi Oil hair treatment

The Balm what’s your type? “The body builder” mascara.

And my new favorite fall lip item Mirenesse Lip bomb glossy lacquer stain in the color 4.



The EEEHH day

So I’m all done with both jobs and since I don’t like to sit around the house I decided to do some errands that needed to be done. Loads of laundry. LOADS. My sweet other half does know how to do laundry BUT he doesn’t know how to sort his stuff -_- . Or he doesn’t choose to. There will be a list of rules for laundry especially for our new place. Can not wait till I have my own laundry room with working washer and dryer and if they ever crap out, maintenance will take care of it. I won’t have to see one of these anymore

In other more important news, Chopper is now at Banfield getting neutered :(. Poor thing had no idea why he had to get up so early for a car ride to Petsmart. I get to pick him up around 5:45 today or whenever they call me.

Looks confused right?

Last UPS package at this location

First off, kind of pissed off on how this box is beat up to hell. Good thing this was just more cardboard boxes inside because if not, there will be a war.


So besides the shitty package overall I’m very excited about this and excited that it came before the move. Like I said before the cats will be coming with me and I’ll be there at our new apartment first to set up for the cats and the puppy and so also they can get use to the place a bit before everyone comes in with the furniture. By the way, these are the catty stacks I was talking about in a previous post. They’re basically very hard industrial like cardboard and you assemble them into boxes and they have perforated holes on the side where you can stack them and make them into a jungle gym type deal. Our cats kind of like the cat post on a occasion BUT boxes they can play, sleep, eat, fart, whatever in them all day long. We will be setting these up in a solarium too which is another plus side.



R.I.P. DeRagan
You were the best mystical bearded dragon of them all. 😦

Last days

So my last day at the restaurant will be this Saturday. Going to miss some people ESPECIALLY my boss. Our last party will be next Wednesday and possibly will be the last day we see a lot of our friends for a long time :(. Then the 15th will be my last surgery day and decided to end it with my favorite Surgeon. I automatically know that will be a good day, Mondays usually are very busy, exhausting, but fun. Leaving in the a.m. on the 19th of October with my 3 cats and puppy. Not sure how that ride will go but we shall see! About 3 hours later Cory will leave with his dad in the moving truck, an hour later Cory’s mom and brothers will be behind them in a separate car, AND THEN maybe an hour or two later our 4 friends will be leaving to come help and stay with us for the weekend. Fun filled weekend, Islands of Adventure and then ending it Sunday night with Halloween Horror Nights! Of course some unpacking here and there. Not looking forward to packing what’s left and then unpacking everything in Orlando. BUT I am most excited about is going to Ikea when I’m waiting for everyone to get to Orlando. Need to do lots of shopping 😉


Countdown has officially started today and every day till the day we move I’ll be posting a picture with Cobra Commander on Instagram. Why Cobra Commander? Fun fact #9 I loved watching G.I. Joe when I was little and my favorite character/villain to this day is Cobra Commander. He’s kind of every where in my life and goes every where I go even to work

Anyway here is the picture of the day


I am a lip product hoarder

Fall is here and Tis the season to wear the most beautiful colors. I barely shop for any other season but for Fall… I can go broke FAST. New wardrobe, new shoes, new hair, new cosmetics,… I want it all. But I’m going to have to start slow, so I started with cosmetics. Mainly and probably only lip products. I already hoarded lip products, especially if it was the best moisturizing, lip softening, etc etc product out there. BUT now since I’m slowly getting comfortable with wearing lipstick and more pigmented lip glosses, I have a huge lip product collection. Since Fall makeup looks consists of deep purples, mauves, berry, plum, mulberry, and many more then I went through my collection and took everything that I know I want to wear this Fall/ Winter. From left to right-


Wet N Wild’s Cherry Bomb, Loréal Infallible lipstick #737 Persistent Plum, Covergirl Lip perfection #360 Euphoria, MAC’s Wonder Woman collection in Spitfire, Covergirl Lip perfection #310 Smitten, Estée Lauder Pure color #118 Bois De Rose, Revlon Lip butter #001 Pink Truffle, Loréal Infallible Lip gloss #715 Raisin, Loréal Colour Riche #788 Golden Grape, Tokidoki Prisma Gloss in Monkey Pirate, Loréal Infallible Lipcolour #890 Linda’s Beige and #500 Thistle, Revlon Just Bitten Kissable lip stain #010 Darling, and NYX Soft matte lip cream Stockholm.
These 3 were not in the picture above.