Goals for the rest of this year:

  • Lose 25 pounds
  • Start kick boxing again
  • Start Bikram Yoga again
  • Go to Animal Kingdom!
  • Decide what I want to do with my career
  • Badger my friends more about coming down here
  • HHN 2013!
  • Universal Studios/Islands at least another 4 times before our annual pass ends
  • Try macaroons
  • Drink more tea

I probably have a lot more I need to add one but I can’t exactly remember them right now. But I also want to do another new thing on here and it’s just mainly to entertain (maybe…)

Fact #1 I like to make lots and lots of lists. It can be lists for groceries, for cleaning, for packing, for things I need to do. I just know any note book you find that belongs to me, you will find at least 2 lists in there. And yes I do keep up and cross things out ;]

photo (77)

One of the many lists in my planner.

In a nutshell

Where have I been? What have I been doing?
Since the accident I had my 2006 Toyota Corolla totaled and after a very long process at a dealership I finally got my 2009 Nissan Cube. I absolutely love it! I’ve was put in charge of a new technology at our surgery center and I am having fun everyday I do it. Cory’s parents and my parents have visited us this past Spring and we went to Universal Studios with both families :). Our 8 anniversary was this past June 1st! Our animals are doing well and keep on growing, especially our miniature dachshund Chopper who’s quite the handful at times. We are enjoying the food of Orlando especially the food trucks here. We like the apartment we live in now but do plan on moving to another apartment or hopefully a house. My great grand mother passed away about a month ago, even though I had already said my good byes, I still wished I was there with my family in New York. In the beginning of July I went to go visit our families and friends in Panama City. Got to say good bye to one of my best friends Donna, she is now living in Washington and couldn’t be more jelly of her because she gets to be in amazing weather haha. And now I’m here trying to get back into my blogging which I plan on trying to do at least 3 times a week if not more πŸ™‚

photo (75)
Until next time! OH! Also again if you haven’t done it already go ahead and stop by my boyfriend Cory’s WordPressΒ http://thelolbandit.wordpress.comΒ  πŸ˜‰ Especially if you love video games.

Dr Phillips Dog Park

Found this little gem when we first moved down here last October when I was desperately trying to find a nice dog park for my little weiner dog. This park has 2 separated parks, one for the small dogs and one for the larger dogs. It has two little kiddy pools and 2 fountains, one for the human and one for your canine friend. They just recently put in umbrellas over the benches for those who burn up pretty fast…like Cory! Which brings me to another subject. If you like video games of all sorts and like reviews on them go check out my boyfriend’s new WordPress page: TheLoLBandit show him some love ❀
Until later! I'll be sure to update sooner then I have the last 6 months haha.





Exit 82A

So December 1st my first car accident happened when I was on my way to do a little Christmas shopping. I was on a exit ramp and since there was so much traffic we were all at a stand still but the guy behind me didn’t see that and ran right into my car. I hit the car in front of me, somehow bounced and hit the ramp’s cement wall on the other side and hit the guy in front of me again.





Ever since then it’s been endless calls to the insurance company, rental car company, other people’s insurance, and non stop searching for a new car since my car was announced total that following Monday. So since then everything has been settled. Everything paid for my the other guy’s company. Still driving a rental till maybe the 28th if December. πŸ™‚ This will be my soon to be maybe car


Food Truck Fridays and such



Been really busy since the move to Orlando. Work has been great. Cory already got a promotion. We love the food here hahah. I’ve been non stop searching for a new car because of an accident that happened about 3 weeks ago exactly. More to come later!

This and that and a new job!







These pictures all out of order but its an idea what we’ve been doing since the move. I got the job finally beginning of this month. It’s been really great. The pay is good, the benefits are good, the people I work with are amazing, the drive is meh but worth it. I work in downtown Orlando so I get to see beautiful tall buildings on my way to work but when I get off I run into the not so pretty Orlando I-4 traffic.

Halloween in Orlando




Here’s my little pumpkin this year, we both kept our pumpkin a secret this year so I did Ghastly from Pokemon. It was hilarious because once Cory revealed his… It was Haunter, one of Ghastly’s evolutions lol.







Had a great Halloween, a quiet one but still fun πŸ™‚


I finally got it back in my phone! I wasn’t counting down the days. For everyone who doesn’t know I moved to Orlando a month ago and we haven’t had the Internet connected yet because we wanted to get everything else settled. So to keep myself entertained I’ve been using up all my data and might of exceeded also :/. But now I have it all back! So expect more posts!

Going for a walk…

Oh look it’s an OTTER!




Cory, Chopper and I went for a walk at our maybe 4-5 years in the future neighborhood and Cory found an otter just chilling by the water bank eating what it looked like a fish. Otters are so cute and we were both excited that we got see one like this out in the wild instead of a zoo.

Chopper in the other hand got bored so we continued walking πŸ˜‰

Halloween Horror Nights

So another bucket list done! Last Sunday my Cory, our friends and I went to Halloween Horror Nights. It was so much fun! We first went to the Silent Hill haunted house since we all have a similar interest in the Silent Hill games and movies. Took 2 hours… but that was about the wait for all of them and it was worth it. We then headed to Gothic. Which was personally my favorite out of the 4 we made it to. Three of us really love roller coasters and since the Mummy roller coaster was open and the wait was pretty short we decided to go and the other two went around running into roamers. Which before I went in line I was talking to my friends and pointed to where the Walking Dead house would be and a roamer came and popped out of nowhere and scared me but at the same time I went to point I kind of jabbed him in the throat hahah. There was a delay in the Mummy ride which sucked but was worth the wait. We then went to the Alice Cooper since it was a short wait and it was already 1 a.m. and the park closed at 2 a.m.

Also another fun one. Then we ran to the Walking Dead because Cory an I absolutely did not want to miss it. And yes it was worth it again.


This picture was before we entered and it just hit Cory and I that this is our home now πŸ™‚ oh! Here’s one my favorite roamers